H2-INDUSTRIES is a major investor-owned Energy Storage Solution supplier. The company was founded by entrepreneur Dipl.-Ing. Michael Stusch in 2011 and is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, production and R&D are located in Germany and the product management and marketing is located in Austria. Our product range converts any energy source to hydrogen and stores and releases the energy on demand. The storage technology is a liquid that binds hydrogen, allowing the hydrogen storage without the need to freeze or pressure it. The storage capacity of our technology is decoupled from the power density of a unit. This allows to store unlimited amounts of hydrogen at very low costs.

As a provider of economic storage solutions in large scale, we have an unique selling proposition in the growing market of renewable energy supply.



Michael (age 48), studied Precision Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Frankfurt and is the founder and CEO of H2-Industries. He is the visionary leader of the company and with 24+ years of experience in building and leading high-tech companies, he is an experienced entrepreneur.

Michael was a pioneer in Internet Advertising and has substantially co-developed the Internet since the mid-90s. He sold his last business (ADTECH AG) successfully to AOL/Time Warner in 2007 after 10 successful years on the market. ADTECH AG mastered and survived as one of few companies the "dotcom bubble"!

Previous to ADTECH Michael made constructions as an engineer in the energy department at Mannesmann AG and established 1990 AUTOCAD as an early adopter in the company. In 2011 he founded H2-Industries. Michael was driven by the possibility that large quantities of power can be stored reversibly in a liquid to revolutionize the "Energiewende" by innovation and willpower.


Our basic components for all our products are the STORE and RELEASE RACKs and the STORE and RELEASE eUNITs which are based on 19 inch rack-technology and allow with its compact dimensions an universal usage in different markets. The research was done in cooperation with the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, the leading institution in energy storage research and H2-Industries developed a breakthrough technology out of it. The storage medium is based on LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) that can bind and release hydrogen unlimited times. 1l of LOHC can bind 1 kWh of electrical energy and 0.8 kWh of heat energy. Our eBLOCK solutions are available from 10 foot (66kW) up to 40 foot (1.65 MW) and unlimited scalable. Our technology is superior in terms of storage density and storage capacity compared to existing storage technologies.
Our main clients are:
Utilities | Power grid operators | Renewables operators | Off-Grid applications | Commercial & Industrial clients



Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future. In the past, it’s success was limited due to its storage limitations.
LOHC stores hydrogen under normal temperature and pressure. This fact changes the current energy.
We will create an energy ecosystem based on the generation, storage and usage of hydrogen, utilizing the existing fossil fuel storage infrastructure.

Unleashing the
full renewable

With our affordable storage technology, we make renewables reliable.
Energy storage solutions in large scale become feasable, since power density and storage capacity are decoupled.
Supporting grids of utilities and of power grid operators through balancing energy supply and demand, avoiding expensive grid expansion.


We can bind 1 kWh electrical energy and 0.8 kWh heat in 1 liter of LOHC. For example, 50 000 liters LOHC (filled in a common diesel tank) would store and release unlimited times 50 MWh electrical energy, enough to power an European household for 10 years, or a small manufacturing business for a month.
With high capacity at low cost, we will offer competitive off-grid solutions.

heating &

A by-product of the energy storage is heat, which can be used to heat entire buildings or to feed district heating networks inexpensively.
The heat can be alternatively transformed to cool buildings (A/C) such as grocery stores or fast food chains.

Our vision is to reduce the World's CO2-emissions to 10 000 Megatons by 2050.


Prof. Beller - Leibnitz-Institut for catalysis, Rostock Germany

"I´m convinced, that this technology and infrastructure will significantly promote the creation of a hydrogen power infrastructure. In addition it will enable the storage of renewable energies sustainably in large quantities."

Guy O’Connor - Previously commander of prestige vessels for the Sultan of Brunei and the King of Spain

“As a mega yacht Captain who has burned millions of liters of diesel with high speed jet yachts as well as large, heavy
displacement yachts, with concerns regarding the pollution and economic geopolitical side effects, the idea of doing the same, using LOHC technologies with zero emission, no
running costs and thus contributing to saving the environment…. FANTASTIC!!!”

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