CEO & Founder of H2-INDUSTRIES Michael Stusch Talks About LOHC-Powered Yachts

Under the Theme: "LOHC as an Alternative for Entire Electrical Powered Yachts" CEO and Founder of H2-INDUSTRIES Michael Stusch will Speak on the 25. 09. 2014 During the Monaco Yacht Show About the Benefits of a Fully LOHC-Powered Yacht.

CEO and founder of H2-INDUSTRIES Michael Stusch reports on the contents of the speech:
"Since the yacht industry currently has very few alternatives to diesel-powered yachts, LOHC offers a very interesting technology which can revolutionize the yachting industry.

Fully electrically operated, no hydraulics, no emergency diesel, 100 x redundancy and the same departure and arrival weight are just some of the benefits that we can bring on board yachts using our LOHC technology.

Our service for the yachting industry involves planning and equipping of new builds, modification of refits or existing yachts and supervision and consultancy for engineering offices, naval offices, shipyards and yacht designers.

Since we are currently anyway working on the world's first energy autonomous megayacht called "H2", based on this case study we can show how to plan and engineer a completely energy-autonomous yacht perfectly up to the last detail.
Apart from the technological and environmentally friendly aspects a LOHC-powered yacht provides very interesting advantages for the owner, because by the novel arrangement of the engine room a massive increase in living space indoors and outdoors is possible, it can also more tender & toys stowed and be transported."

On you can learn about the whole event in detail."


H2-INDUSTRIES offers energy storage solutions for storing, transport and decentralized release of renewable energy of any capacity.

The company was founded by entrepreneur Dipl.-Ing. Michael Stusch in 2011 and is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, the production and the F&E are in Germany and the product management and marketing are located in Austria.

H2-INDUSTRIES stores energy without limits and makes renewables reliable 24/7.

Based on the storage medium LOHC wherein hydrogen can be stored, transported or released again completely safe under ambient conditions, the company offers a wide range of products and solutions in the field of energy storing, the production of freshwater and cooling.
In addition, solutions for a CO2-free yacht industry, for the entire shipping industry and for energy storage buildings are planned and implemented.

Thanks to H2-INDUSTRIES, stored energy can be transported with existing infrastructure and can be released everywhere.



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