H2-INDUSTRIES presents new website

H2-INDUSTRIES has Launched their Newly Designed Website to Offer Clients an Even Broader Insight Into their Limitless LOHC Energy Storage Solutions.

CEO and founder of H2-INDUSTRIES Michael Stusch reports on the innovations developed for the site:

"In addition to developing our own H2-World, where our clients can browse clear and easy from solutions for wind parks to CO2-neutral yachts through all our very different energy storage solutions, including picking up detailed information for each, there is also a newly developed product page where all our eBLOCK- products are introduced in detail.
Our technology-site gives you a comprehensive insight into our LOHC storage technology, the advantages of our innovative energy storage solutions are processed on its own site as well.

MAKING RENEWABLES RELIABLE- according to our motto of making renewables reliable and future-proof with our technology, we wish you much pleasure in informing on our site."


H2-INDUSTRIES offers energy storage solutions for storing, transport and decentralized release of renewable energy of any capacity.

The company was founded by entrepreneur Dipl.-Ing. Michael Stusch in 2011 and is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, the production and the F&E are in Germany and the product management and marketing are located in Austria.


H2-INDUSTRIES stores energy without limits and makes renewables reliable 24/7.

Based on the storage medium LOHC wherein hydrogen can be stored, transported or released again completely safe under ambient conditions, the company offers a wide range of products and solutions in the field of energy storing, the production of freshwater and cooling.
In addition, solutions for a CO2-free yacht industry, for the entire shipping industry and for energy storage buildings are planned and implemented.

Thanks to H2-INDUSTRIES, stored energy can be transported with existing infrastructure and can be released everywhere.


Contact us:

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