LOHC electricity storage makes the energy transition safer

The innovative and environmentally friendly technology from H2-Industries makes renewable energy available around the clock.

Munich, September 2018 - In future, most of the energy demand will be covered by sun and wind power. But this almost unlimited available energy depends on the weather, which requires modern and efficient storage methods. With its LOHC storage technology, H2-Industries has found the ideal solution and developed it to market maturity. Now limitless energy can be stored and transported easily, making renewable energy available whenever and wherever it is needed.

The fact that the scalable LOHC storage solutions from H2-Industries can be integrated into the existing infrastructure without major modifications is of particular benefit to the energy transition. This reduces the need for a costly expansion of the power line network. Furthermore, LOHC technology makes it possible to smooth the fluctuations inherent in the production of power from wind turbines and solar plants. As a result, it is no longer necessary to run conventional power plants to compensate for power fluctuations, thus significantly reducing air pollution.

The use of products from H2-Industries on ships, which heavily pollute the air with CO2 and NOX emissions from their diesel engines, is particularly sustainable, as it allows them to make do without diesel. The company has set its sights on every type of ship, from container ships to private yachts. Just recently, a cooperation agreement was signed with the renowned Nobiskrug shipyard to build a fully electric motor yacht with LOHC technology from H2-Industries.

Larger administration buildings can already be supplied with electricity and heating cost-effectively using LOHC technology. Smaller systems for private customers are already being prepared by H2- Industries. The LOHC storage units are ideal when used in combination with a photovoltaic system on the roof, allowing the electricity from the house’s own energy storage facility to meet demand, eliminating the need to purchase expensive electricity.

The technology from H2-Industries is based on a simple principle. Surplus electricity produces hydrogen from water by electrolysis. This highly flammable hydrogen gas can be used to operate fuel cells that produce electricity completely free of pollutants. This technique is well-known but has one big drawback: Hydrogen explodes very easily. Producing and transporting it in large quantities is risky and only possible under high pressure or at low temperatures.

So H2-Industries set to work and developed the LOHC storage technology to provide the necessary solution to the problem. Hydrogen can now be stored safely and in large quantities. And transport is not at all dangerous and is easy to carry out – all that is required is a conventional tanker.

The LOHC technology is based on Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers, an oil-like organic substance that binds hydrogen chemically. The LOHC storage tank is loaded with the produced hydrogen and can be 2 stored or transported at ambient temperature and pressure. To recover the energy, the LOHC storage tank is unloaded and the hydrogen, which is once again gaseous, can be used by a fuel cell.

The advantages of the LOHC technology from H2-Industries are impressive: It is safe and environmentally friendly, has unlimited storage capacity, and is rechargeable and stable for long periods of time. It is compatible with the existing infrastructure and its price is unrivalled: the electricity-to-electricity storage price is 3.5 cents.


About H2-Industries

H2-Industries develops innovative, effective and environmentally friendly LOHC energy storage solutions. The company was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Dipl.-Ing. Michael Stusch and is headquartered in Munich. Research, development and production are located in northern Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

The products from H2-Industries make it possible to produce hydrogen with any (renewable) source of electricity and to store it at ambient pressure and temperature in the oil-like liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) safely and chemically. LOHC-bound hydrogen can be easily transported and released again when needed. LOHC technology makes it possible for the first time to store large amounts (up to several terawatt hours) of electricity safely and cheaply. This allows H2-Industries to make renewable energy available everywhere, 24/7.

The aim of H2-Industries is to industrialise LOHC technology, thus establishing hydrogen as a safe source of energy for the future.

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